Old School and Older School

The mess at Interscope is reminiscent of the ‘good old days’ of records, radio, money, and more..

For almost two years, the offices of Interscope Records have been used as a drop off and pickup point for road cases alternately filled with kilos of cocaine and more than $1 million in cash , according to documents filed by federal prosecutors… 
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It’s not a shocker that cash, sex, and drugs, have long been trade staples in greasing the wheels of rock and roll.  While the big bust today at Interscope will probably prove to be unrelated to label operations, there was a time when it was… and not just at the edges.  The ‘Network’ a mafia like cabal of independent promoters held the keys to radio in an iron grip, and to play, the majors had to pay. And pay they did

Frederick Dannen’s 1991 expose “The Hit Men” captured it best

Hit Men is the shocking, highly controversial expose of the venality, greed, and corruption of many of the assorted kingpins and hustlers who rule over the music industry. “A sobering, blunt, and unusually well-observed depiction of the sometimes sordid inner workings of the music business.”—Billboard

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